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We provide a range of giclee print services, choose whichever one best suits your requirements.

Print-Ready Service
A DIY print solution for when you are confident in your file preparation and can supply files based on our specifications (see order page). A quick and economical way to buy prints on Hahnemuehle premium fine art print media at a range of common sizes. This service also provides great budget options for decorative art and poster prints.

A Custom Print Service providing
a) Custom print sizes on premium fine art print media from Hahnemuehle, Germany
b) Border options
c) Image file optimisation

All of our print services rely on supplied digital files meeting our print specifications but we do examine files prior to production and if any resolution issues are detected then we will contact you.

We’re very flexible! Our online print ordering systems cover most scenarios but if you need anything different, for example an exhibition or a special print project then please just contact us.

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Our current range of media includes superlative matt art papers from Hahnemühle FineArt for archival giclée prints displaying incredible detail.

Why do we focus on Hahnemuehle media? – because after many years of experience producing fine art giclee prints, and having tried the other papers, it was a very simple choice!

If you are not sure which paper to choose please let us know, we would be delighted to help.

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Yes absolutely!

Quantity discounts are available based on the number of prints ordered from a file. Discount savings are automatically calculated by our website and shown in your Cart/Checkout.

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See our checklist and other file preparation guidelines for preparing digital print files.

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A screen image is formed by a transmitted electronic back lit display whereas prints are a reflected image produced on one of many different paper types. Each has it’s own unique colour gamut, surface and other variables.

The way a picture appears on your screen also depends on your screen settings such as contrast, brightness, calibration/profile and the same picture may appear to vary on different screens. Therefore it’s crucial that your monitor is correctly calibrated/profiled to provide the best chance of colour accuracy.

The same unadjusted image printed on multiple media can often appear different as each paper surface varies in base brightness, colour and texture.

For optimum colour fidelity proofing on a specific paper surface is crucial.

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There are a number of important variables involved in both methods so it’s not easy to recommend one method over the other, however both methods are valid.

Much depends on the quality and size of scanning device, scanner configuration, file format and so on – and conversely much depends on the quality of camera, lighting, photographer skill level and file preparation. We’ve seen superb results from standard office desktop scanners and some pretty horrendous files shot on a digital camera!

Ideally it’s best to get this task undertaken by a professional provider, however if you are doing it yourself send through a file or two for us to assess. We can advise on any issues and available options.

Just use our file transfer page to send a file for assessment.

An expanded article covering this subject is also now available on our website at

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We print your art on archival grade digital fine art media, such as those from Hahnemuehle, Germany and aqueous pigment inksets. Independent Wilhelm Imaging Research indicates light stability of more than 100 years.

Laminating – resist the tempting offers from framers and photo shops to laminate your prints with claims of “lasting 200 years!”
True archival print life is dependent on a combination of factors including paper specification, inkset and display/storage conditions. Simply encapsulating a print in plastic does not make it archival as many a museum conservator will tell you.

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