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A. Ruby from Sydney contacted us at the beginning of the year. She wanted to start selling edition giclée prints from her original artworks. She had no knowledge of digital imaging, and was at a loss on how to photograph her artwork or use a giclee art printer service in Australia.

We advised her on how to scan/photograph her artworks and prepare her files. Ruby decided to opt for our full service which includes photographing her artwork, file prep, proof prints and final production printing of fine art giclée prints.

B. Lee, a successful digital artist from Perth wanted advice on the best fine art giclée paper to produce his prints.

We were able to produce a sample print from the recommended giclée fine art paper. Lee was impressed by the quality of reproduction and a number of subsequent orders were placed. As Lee was a business user with an ABN we were also able to provide him with discounted pricing.

C.  Bob, a successfull commercial photographer who travels the world and has an extensive portfolio of images. He wanted a retrospective exhibition of fine art photographic works.

We provided ongoing experienced support from Bob's initial conversation to the delivery of custom wide format inkjet exhibition prints on Hahnemuhle digital fine art media.

D. Eloise, a commercial book illustrator with success in Australia has recently branched out into Europe. As a result of positive demand from abroad she has decided to re-launch her own website with a new range of limited edition fine art giclee prints for sale.

Code Ice was able to assist with advice on edition numbers and sizes.  Eloise had an ABN number and so also benefited from B2B discounting on our giclee printing services.

E. A successful Sydney based design studio requires ongoing print runs of various artworks used in promoting their business and sold online through their website.

Code Ice provides ongoing support and quality giclee print services, plus the added bonus of B2B and volume discounts.

F. Carrie, an artist from Melbourne was selling her pieces on, and wanted an experienced giclée printer to output her print-ready files.

We started with a sample print which enabled Carrie to make a valued judgement on choice of paper. Carrie supplied copies of her print-ready files to be stored on our system. From that point Carrie was able to use our online ordering to place ongoing print orders.


 (These are real clients, names have been changed for reasons of privacy.)


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