is a hahnemuhle certified studio

Useful Info & Pricing

Pricing can be seen on our orders page at - where you can very quickly  

It's done this way as orders are usually custom size and the papers are variably priced, thus making a conventional price list redundant.

You would need to login to see your ABN pricing on eligible services.

Additionally a low cost standard size print service is available, based on files being supplied fully print-ready at a number of common sizes: link -

Volume Discounts based on volume quantities, just use the Quantity field to see lower prices.

We provide a range of high end giclee media, most of which are specified as museum grade archival, acid free and calcium carbonate buffered. Paper specifications are on our a site at

Our ordering process is quick and easy to use and order turnaround times are generally 5-6 business days in studio, depending on stock and order size. We also have significant expertise in digital imaging and can assist in the technical aspects of file set up and colour management.

Please see our file preparation notes -


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