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  • Create a digital negative of your legacy material

  • Future proof your artwork

  • The best of Hasselblad Imacon virtual drum scanning technology

  • Easy to order, volume discounts instantly shown on screen


  1. Select the size & format scan required above, the price will show on screen.
  2. Enter quantity in "Quantity" box above.
  3. Complete your order, checkout and pay via PayPal or EFT.
  4. Print 2 copies of your receipt and send 1 copy with your film material to Code Ice, PO Box 1347, Bowral, NSW 2576.
    Registered mail or other secure delivery method is recommended.

Supply UNMOUNTED film only. If supplying strips of film ensure that the frame to be scanned is clearly marked.

Your film will be air dusted before scanning, however where material is submitted with significant levels of dirt, scratches etc. we will contact you with some options before proceeding.

DISK BURN - FREE. Muliple files are burnt to disk (CD-Rom or DVD) with as many as possible per disk.

TIFF file format, up to 18MB $16.50, incl GST. Scan at up to approx 18MB depending on film format. Supplied as an 8bit uncorrected, full histogram TIFF image file format.
TIFF file format, Max size $27.50, incl GST. Scan at full optical resolution* relative to film format provided. Supplied as a 16bit uncorrected, full histogram TIFF image file format.


*Full Optical Resolution

Format Resolution
35mm Portrait Up to 8000 dpi
35mm Landscape Up to 5000 dpi
45x60mm Portrait Up to 4000 dpi
60x60 – 60x70mm Up to 3200 dpi
4"x5" Portrait Up to 2040 dpi

In a world very much dominated by "digital" it's easy to forget that a huge legacy of film material still exists.

160+ years of film photography simply does not vanish overnight on the whim of a high street digi camera sales rep. Film is still the medium of choice for many photographic artists demanding high end film scan services.

We have maintained our professional film scanning services since beginning in Australia in 2003 and are still scanning significant amounts of library and back catalogue film material to this day. The use of professional Hasselblad scanning systems provides both high resolution and high quality film scans.

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