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Easy online print orders from your prepared digital image files.
Giclee fine art prints delivered to your door or direct to your customers.

Please use the following checklist when preparing files for printing by
  • Acceptable image formats:
  • a) 8bit RGB
  • b) JPG minimal compression, maximum quality*
  • c) TIFF
  • d) PSD
  • e) files must be flattened, no layers
  • Embedded ICC profile: sRGB or Adobe RGB(1998)
  • Image size set as output size
  • Resolution: between 200dpi and 300dpi
  • No CMYK or PDF files
  • Maximum file size - approx 120MB
  • Maximum file pixel dimensions - no greater than 10,000px on the long side
Code Ice Prints operate a professional ICC colour managed workflow.
Take care to supply files suitable for high quality print production and that your preparation work is done on a correctly calibrated monitor screen.

Custom size prints
When you place a print order at your digital image files will be output at the sizes entered into the "OUTPUT SIZE - SHORT SIDE" and "OUTPUT SIZE - LONG SIDE" options on our order screen at custom sized print output.

For example, you may wish to have your image file printed at A3 dimensions (297mm x 420mm) as shown here:
a3 aspect ratio output

and so in your image editing software the output size settings for your image file might look something like this:
image size dialogue box

therefore on our order screen at custom sized print output you would enter the following output dimensions:
example output dimensions for a print order at

Required File formats

*We recommend the use of JPEG files, this file format is excellent for electronic transfer and will make your uploads quicker.

Aspect Ratio

The image file aspect ratio must match the print output size

For example, if you supply an image file that is square but order a print at A4 dimensions then your image will be distorted.example of aspect ratio

If you are unsure about any of this or have specific requirements not covered here then our expert support is always available.
Please contact us by email


Also see our "how do I order a print?" guide



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