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Code Ice print production is a professional ICC colour managed workflow process and our online order system makes it easy to order giclee fine art prints from your print ready files. Note that digital Giclée printing is an RGB process.

Please use the following checklist when preparing files for printing by

  • Image format: 8bit RGB JPG minimal compression or RGB TIFF flattened, no layers
  • Embedded profile: sRGB or Adobe RGB(1998)
  • Set the image output size as required
  • DPI: 300
  • Do not supply CMYK files or PDF files

Any order placed through this website is based on "direct output service". Your artwork files are printed as supplied and should be correctly prepared and sized in a suitable image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP before ordering.


Custom size prints - when using our online order application we will print your digital image file at the sizes entered into the PRINT LONG SIDE (mm) and PRINT SHORT SIDE (mm) boxes.


Take care to supply files suitable for high quality print production and that your preparation work is done on a correctly calibrated monitor screen. We recommend the use of JPEGs as this file format is excellent for electronic transfer and will make your uploads quicker.

If you have any queries then our experienced support is always available, please contact us by email


Also see our "how do I order a print?" guide



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