Giclee print on demand for fine art printing

Giclee print on demand is the contemporary process for producing edition prints from original artworks or photographs.

The resulting prints are noted for their vivid, pure colour and exceptional detail most suitable for exhibition display and sale as high end fine art prints. It is also regarded as one of the most stable colour printing processes available today.

Giclee prints. On demand fine art printing.

Some key characteristics and aspects of giclée prints:

  1. High-Quality Reproduction: Giclée printing is known for its ability to reproduce fine art and photographic images with exceptional detail, colour accuracy, and vibrancy. It is often used to replicate paintings and artworks, allowing for a faithful representation of the original.
  2. Archival Quality: Giclée prints are typically created using archival-grade, pigment-based inks that are fade-resistant and designed to withstand the test of time. When printed on high-quality, archival paper or canvas, giclée prints can have a long lifespan without significant fading or deterioration – often rated at 100-200 years.
  3. Precision and Resolution: Giclée printers are capable of producing prints at very high resolutions, often exceeding 1440 dots per inch (DPI) or more. This level of precision ensures that fine details are captured accurately.
  4. Substrate Options: Giclée prints can be produced on various substrates, including fine art paper, canvas, and other specialist materials. The choice of substrate can impact the texture and appearance of the final print.
  5. Limited Editions: Giclée prints are often produced as limited editions, with a specific number of copies signed and numbered by the artist. This practice adds value and exclusivity to the prints.
  6. Art Reproduction: Giclée printing has become a popular method for artists to reproduce their original artworks for sale, exhibitions, or distribution to a wider audience.
  7. Customisation: Giclée printing allows for customisation in terms of print size and substrate, making it suitable for various artistic and decorative purposes.

Overall, giclee printing has gained recognition as a high-quality and archival printing method that closely replicates the look and feel of original artworks or photographs. It is commonly used in the art world and has become a preferred choice for artists and photographers looking to create high-quality reproductions of their work.

Code Ice Prints media for archival giclee prints includes fine art media from Hahnemühle Digital FineArt and if you are uncertain about a paper choice please let us know, we’ll do our best to advise.

The three key steps to a successful giclée print

1) High end digital capture of the original artwork involving professional photography or scanning techniques.

2) Digital artwork file setup
Professionally produced, colour managed digital image files faithfully reproducing the essence of the original artwork.

3) Final print production
A wide range of superb, acid free, fine art media are available. These should be certified as archival rated.

Once a print-ready file has been finalised multiple giclée prints can then be produced to sell ‘On Demand’

print on demand giclee art reproduction prints

Print On Demand

The modern digital giclee process is a very cost effective method for the self publishing artist with prints being printed one at a time (or more) as sales are made, thus ensuring that the individual print cost is covered each time. Generally known as print on demand services. Where you are looking to increase online art sales and build a self-sustaining creative career it’s a great solution.

Advantages are that you do not need to maintain expensive stock inventory, there is little wastage and there will be a consistency in print editions from start to finish.

Average cost per unit is lower for very small print runs compared to setup costs involved with traditional offset printing with no guarantee of selling all prints produced.

Your file(s) can be stored at Code Ice Prints and as you make sales simply login into your account at and order further re-prints.

We are known for our personal approach, significant experience and can tailor specific services to suit.

Giclee Prints for book illustrators

By using the CMYK files provided by your publisher you can issue a set of limited edition prints to coincide with a book or other special event. Your illustrations will then also become available to a larger market as “print on demand” giclée prints.

File conversion and print proofing service – from your cmyk book files we can produce a set of RGB print-ready files optimised on one of our fine art giclee print papers plus a printed proof from each file.

The files are yours to keep and can be used to produce ongoing high end giclee prints on-demand.

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