What’s the codeice.com.au drop shipping service, how does it benefit your art business?

It’s a print fulfillment and delivery service allowing artist, photographers, graphics studios and galleries to have giclee art prints sent directly to their print buyers.

Printed, packed and shipped without you lifting a finger.

Simply select the “Dropship” option at the checkout and we will ship direct to your customers across Australia and worldwide at the shipping address you supply through Australia Post domestic and international services with online tracking. No invoice is included in the package.

Generous quantity discounts.

delivery by australia post
The benefits

It eliminates maintaining upfront inventory and provides a positive cash-flow cycle for you.
As an artist you need only order prints when you have made a sale and received funds from your buyer.

Let us manage your print fulfillment orders.

Who is using the codeice.com.au drop ship service?

Our drop shipping service is being used by a great many artists in Australia and from around the world.

Individual artists & photographers
Anime Studios
Graphics and production studios
Etsy sellers
Ebay sellers
Online & offline galleries
Online & traditional retail stores

We have also provided giclee print services to major international film productions.

Business cards & Packing notes

If you have previously supplied business cards to us we can include one in each of your dropship orders.

Or if preferred you can create a personalised custom packing note to go with your dropship orders. These should be supplied to us as a PDF file with each order at the “Checkout” stage of the order process. Printed on basic stock.
Size: A4
File format: PDF
1 per order
Price: $2.50 each, incl GST

Both of these options provide a quick and easy way of adding your own branding to dropship orders.

We can also provide certificates of authenticity, produced and signed by Code Ice Prints